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Valve Characteristics: 1)Rugged guide cylinder provides excellent plug stability,which reduces vibration and mechanical noise; 2) Streamlined flow channel and low flow resistance , and excellent flow capacity;
MA Series Sliding-Stem Control Valve
Valve Characteristics: 1)With scientific design principle, proper inner structure, high-performance material and original technique, our minimum flow valve has some unique advantages as bellows: 2)Circulatory convection, multi-stage pressure reducing mechanism, avoide cavitation efficiently, prolong service life
MX Series Recirculation Valve
Features: 1)Application Versatility—Five actuator types in eleven sizes are available for an extensive variety of applications. Spring rates, travel stops, and manual operators are available for nearly any control valve application.
Diaphragm Actuator
Valve Characteristics: 1)Y-pattern forged body, little flow resistance, high Cv value. 2)Throttling design of the plug will protects the sealing surface effectively and prolongs the valve’s service life.
SY Series Drain Valve
FlowExpo 2014 17th Guangzhou Valves Exhibitio
Suzhou Delan passed TS A1 level prototype
The 6th China (Shanghai) International Pump、V
Recruitment agents in the worldwide scope
FlowEx 2014
   Suzhou Delan Energy Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional developer and manufacturer of vlaues,specialized in control valves.Our main products are widely used in many important sectors such as thermal power plants, chemical and petrochemistry, iron and steel industry, gas distribution, water treatment ,etc. ……
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