KL Series Boiler Blowdown Valve


The principle of multi-stage pressure reduction structure effectively avoids cavitation. Increase fluid resistance, control fluid velocity, prevent cavitation damage, allowable pressure difference in valve 25MPa.

All the internal parts of the valve can be quickly disassembled and replaced, which is convenient for maintenance and reduces maintenance costs. The surface of the valve core and sleeve is hardened, with high hardness and long life.

Good flow regulation characteristics, large adjustable range (10%~90%).


Continuous discharge: The boiler continuous blowdown valve is mainly used in thermal power plants to continuously remove part of the salt dissolved in the boiler water. It is one of the key valves for the power plant to control the saturated water with high pressure difference. Because the boiler is saturated with water, it is very easy to produce cavitation and cavitation when it flows through the continuous valve, and it is difficult for ordinary valves to meet the requirements of working conditions.

Fixed discharge: Mainly used in thermal power plants to regularly remove partial oxidation crystals and particles at the bottom of the pot, with high pressure difference and erosion resistance.

Design Standards:

Design and manufacture: ASME B16.34 JB/T3595

Inspection and test: ASMEB16.34 JB/T3595

Connection end:

Butt welding: ASME B16.25

Flange connection: ASME B16.5 GB/T9113, HG20592

Technical Parameters:

Nominal diameter: 1″~3″

Pressure rating: ANSI 1500lb ~ 2500lb

Medium temperature: ≤575℃

Actuator: pneumatic actuator, electric actuator

Flow characteristics: equal percentage, linear

Leakage level: Grade V


Body material: A105, F91, F22

Bonnet: Basic type

Packing: imported high-performance flexible graphite